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The Story of Benefit Street is long and multifaceted. It’s a story of colonial America, visits by George Washington, and the rise of major institutions, but it’s also a story of slavery, pioneering female entrepreneurship, social activism, segregation, gentrification, and much more. While the names of a few prominent past residents like John Nicholas Brown and Stephen Hopkins are well known, the impact made by the vast majority of Benefit Street’s former residents, occupants, and workers goes unnoticed in the physical presence of the Street. The Other Mile of History attempts to tell a few of these often overlooked stories through the lives of some of its past residents and communities.

Click below to read more about the legacy of fifteen individuals or communities who have been impacted by and made an impact on Benefit Street. These stories only represent a fraction of the countless notable figures, organizations, and communities that have lived, worked, and developed on Benefit Street.