Insurgent benefit
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insurgent benefit

Insurgent Benefit is a series of work focused on the history of Benefit Street in Providence, Rhode Island. The central focus of the series is a pop-up exhibition on Benefit Street, titled The Other Mile of History, which tells the stories of individuals and groups who lived, worked, or developed on Benefit Street.

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the other mile of history

Benefit Street is one of the oldest colonial streets in America. It’s story is rich and multifaceted, but often told through the lens of particular notable figures. The Other Mile of History is a collection of stories that attempts to break outside of the typical narrative of Benefit Street.


“This is a mere scratch upon the surface, a glimpse of the many and varied interests of the people who have belonged to the street and loved it, the people who have had a part in its light and shadow, its music and art, and in the gracious and colorful life that ever has marked the pageant of Benefit Street, down through the years.”

Margaret Bingham Stillwell, The Pageant of Benefit Street, 1945